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"South Gate" Gothic Alphabet - Procreate Tattoo Font

"South Gate" Gothic Alphabet - Procreate Tattoo Font

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Introducing South Gate Tattoo Font, my fresh Procreate Chicano Alphabet bringing that razor-sharp style in your Brush Library. Perfect for inkin' up Lettering Tattoos, whether you're rockin' the upper back, stomach, or torso. I went all in, adding mad detail and playing with shadows on each side of these letters, diving deep into the Black and Gray Tattoo Game.


  • 1 - Chicano Alphabet for Procreate app
  • 26 - Letters - Brushstamps
  • 9 - Numbers - Brushstamps
  • 1 - Procreate Brushset (.brushset)

Of course, feel free to flip this style however you Vibe – it's all about your Flavor. In this alphabet, you'll cop all the big-shot Letters from A to Z, plus the digits holdin' it down from 0 to 9. Keep it real and let South Gate elevate your lettering game !


Here's the lowdown on getting South Gate locked and loaded on your iPad with Procreate – keep it smooth, no stress.

**1. Cop the Vibes:**

After sealing the deal on South Gate, peep the email we shoot your way or hit the download page post-payment. Snatch that file – it's time to roll.

**2. Unpack the Arsenal:**

Give that file a tap, unbox the South Gate brushes – it's like unwrapping a fresh package of street-style creativity.

**3. Procreate Drippin':**

Slide into your Procreate app, fam. Hit up the brush library – that's your artistic arsenal. Tap the '+' sign, hit 'Import,' locate South Gate, and give it the green light.

**4. Ink it Up:**

Now, you're set. Grab that South Gate Font, let the ink flow, and start crafting that Chicano Masterpiece. Stomach, back, torso – wherever the canvas calls.

Remember, it's your Art, your Rules. South Gate's got your Back – keep it Real, and let the Ink Speak. πŸ’ͺ🎨

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Customer Reviews

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easy installation, great flow!

Absolutely killer!

These letters are on a whole other level, pure insanity

Cholo Lettering Chicano Tattoo Alphabet for Procreate

"Each Letter crafted with Soul,
Chicano Tattoo Art takes its toll.
Inked to perfection, One by One,
Procreate brushes, a custom Alphabet's begun."