Installation Guide: Tattoo-Style Alphabets on Procreate for iPad

= 1. Downloading the Alphabet File =

   - After completing your purchase, check your email for a download link or find it directly on the order confirmation page.

   - Click the download link to obtain the alphabet file. It may come in a .zip format, so ensure to unzip the file.


= 2. Transfer to iPad =

   - If downloading on a computer, transfer the unzipped alphabet file to your iPad using iCloud, AirDrop, or a cloud service like Dropbox.

   - If downloading directly on the iPad, the file should automatically save in the Files app.


= 3. Locating the Procreate App = 

   - Open the Procreate app on your iPad. If not installed, download it from the App Store.


= 4. Importing the Alphabet = 

   - In Procreate, create a new canvas or open an existing one.

   - Access the Brush Library by tapping on the brush icon.

   - Tap the '+' icon to add a new brush group.

   - Inside the new group, tap the '+' icon again and select 'Import.'

   - Locate the alphabet file you transferred and select it to import into Procreate.


= 5. Accessing the Alphabet Brushes = 

   - Once imported, go back to the Brush Library.

   - Within your newly created group, you'll find the imported alphabet brushes.


= 6. Selecting and Using Brushes = 

   - Choose your preferred letter or number brush by tapping on it.

   - Adjust brushstamps settings like size, opacity, and color using the sliders on the left side.


= 7. Creating with Tattoo-Style Alphabets = 

   - Start your artistic journey by using the alphabet brushes in Procreate. Experiment with different styles, colors, and backgrounds to bring your creations to life.


That's it! Your iPad is now decked out with our tattoo-style alphabets, ready for you to unleash your creative flair. Feel free to experiment, customize, and, most importantly, enjoy the process! If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at

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